Here you can find a database of projects registered by our association.

Definitely worth browsing if you are looking for a project carried out using permaculture design principles or a place where you can see, learn, practice, collaborate or just connect with others.

About the categories:

  • Sapling (beginner): Sites in this category have a basic knowledge of permaculture and are interested in learning more; there are some permaculture elements in their projects.
  • Grove (master): Sites in this category obtained a profound knowledge of permaculture and demonstrate this in practice through their projects.  

How does one get included in the database:

  • Anyone can become a sapling after the recommendation of a grove.
  • To become a grove, the written recommendation of at least two members of the association is needed. (Approx. half of an A4 page long introduction of the project, with the emphasis on why it deserves a higher “permaculture rank”.) These recommendations will then be assessed by the management team. (If accepted, confirmation of acceptance from the president is sufficient, if rejected written explanation is needed.)